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Your input was greater - significantly greater - than that offered by one of the major recruiters who would send us details of anyone within driving distance of our office, regardless of their suitability... Your input during the discussion of remuneration packages was also greatly appreciated.
— Director, Regional IFA
Transitioning out of the Army after 30 years was always going to be a daunting rite of passage. However, in all my dealings with the RBA team I enjoyed a totally individual service from consummate professionals who gave me their entire personal focus, thus putting me on the right track for a secure, promising and fulfilling future.
— Recently retired Lt Colonel of the Scottish Division

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International companies

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International Labour Organization

The project

Sarah was recommended to proofread this highly prestigious and groundbreaking report of 170,000 words, considered to be of international significance as it was being presented to the United Nations in a very short time frame. The report had been written by many people, some with a poor grasp of English, over a period of ten years, covering the practices of child labour in Mongolia and the pioneering initiatives to combat it.


Possibly one of our most complex projects, this report needed a thorough re-write, re-formatting for consistency, a concentrated copy edit and a final, meticulous proofread – all delivered to the highest standard and on time.

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Fund management groups

The overview

As an all-round senior appointments recruiter Rob has spent significant time working on a range of mandates in the UK financial services sector from the City of London to Edinburgh and Glasgow. These have ranged from graduate entry appointments to fund managers’ head of desks in investment houses and senior marketing positions.

Assignments undertaken

Having placed two senior managers at Edinburgh Fund Managers in a previous incarnation Rob was approached by their head of HR to headhunt a new head of marketing – quickly and professionally.

Stewart Ivory & Co Ltd advertised widely for a Far East fund manager so we were competing against all the big boys in the market, but we nevertheless successfully sourced an outstanding fast track applicant. He has since moved on to become VP of a global investment house and is still in contact with us, most certainly considered a family friend.

Friends Ivory & Sime, Henderson Global Investors, Murray Johnstone, Templetons and Scottish Widows Investment Managers are but a few others with whom we have been entrusted to work at senior board level, not to mention recruiting over 50% of the Legal & General national accounts team.


In a market that is known for its hoods and bandits we have held our heads up high by consistently establishing our integrity as trusted agents of both our clients and applicants.

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