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I just wanted to add that I am impressed by the diligent and professional way in which the process has been managed by RBA and I thank you for that.
— Director of Technology Incubator, 2013
Now that the recruitment process is over I wanted to comment about the exceptional level of service provided by Sarah and Rob at Robert Barton Associates. They were professional, knowledgeable, generous, compassionate and motivating; I truly believe that their involvement helped me perform to my full potential. While I am sure that you are aware of Sarah and Rob's qualities, I hope that this provides you with some useful feedback from a interviewee's perspective.
— Successful Applicant, 2014

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Large companies

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Metro Rod Ltd, a division of the EnServe Group

The overview

Established over 25 years ago, Metro Rod Ltd is a UK national drain clearance and repair franchise working as mature business-to-business operator and dealing with significant accounts and utility bodies. Having worked with the franchise director in the past we were brought in initially as a Thomas International practitioner and are still there in varying roles eight years on, in particular carrying out the role of recruitment manager on an outsourced basis. It is our strong business background, together with our flexibility and proactive approach, which has enabled us to tackle many projects alongside the day-to-day needs of the franchise recruitment.

Assignments undertaken

We regularly profile teams and individuals across the business but one specific project required us to conduct profiling and feedback in little over a fortnight to a top management team that was struggling. The desired outcome was to split the franchise area into two so that both teams could achieve all their objectives independently of one another. But for the accurate profiling, succinct reporting and sensitive delivery of the feedback, Metro Rod could not have achieved the subsequent successful outcome.

With a mature network, franchises can be difficult to sell due to the high entry cost so we were tasked to plan and execute the appointment of a locum general manager for one of the areas. Here we wrote the job specification, sourced suitable applicants and made a successful appointment, which worked well. This has now become an approved policy within the company.

We were asked to complete a high profile recruitment project in a short time frame, and within three days had conducted interviews, collated the Thomas International profiles and given a strong shortlist to the managing director.

Since 2008 we have been involved in the sourcing of a number of resales of franchises including Exeter, London South and North, Colchester and Southend, Stoke and Nottingham, Blackburn and Bolton, Leeds, and Dundee. One of these was the largest sale in the 25-year history of the company.


The client has commended us for delivering against the brief, on time and in full every time, for sourcing staff, recruiting technically difficult positions, assisting with the management of commercially and strategically important projects and helping to build high performance teams throughout the business.

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Bupa UK

The overview

Sarah has worked closely with one of Bupa's copywriters since 2005 on the copy editing and proofreading of most of their internal training and policy manuals for its employees.

Assignments undertaken

The single largest assignment was a 1000-page manual – now in every Bupa care home in the UK – covering all protocols within its care homes. In addition, an extensive programme across most divisions was embarked upon in order to facilitate improved training within the Bupa Group. This four-year project involved the re-writing and re-formatting of much of Bupa's internal training material with Sarah following up behind ensuring seamless accuracy and clarity of content, and consistency across all documentation.


Bupa's creative copywriter can always rely on Sarah's sharp eye both to see the big picture and home in on the minutiae, certain of accuracy and promptness, whilst drafting the complex copy.
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Mitsubishi Motors UK

The overview

This has been a long and trusted relationship where Sarah has had the privilege of working with the General Manager of Communications at Mitsubishi’s UK head office.

Assignments undertaken

The initial project was taking a poorly translated draft publication announcing the launch of two of Mitsubishi’s new sports models and making them UK-specific for our British journalists, whilst other projects have been web-based.


We produced a top quality press pack for this high profile global brand, meeting a time critical deadline to perfection.

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