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You have done things for us that we would never have done by ourselves, and have given good value for money. You have hit the targets we set you and done everything that we asked. You have been flexible and coped well with changes of direction and the challenges of kick-starting a marketing function. You have a good relational manner and have worked well with us, and have avoided putting pressure on people who are already very busy.
— Account Manager, Cygnet Business Development Ltd
Sarah and Rob supported me through the entire recruitment process with invaluable dedication. Their personable attitude and advice contributed substantially to the successful outcome of my application.
— Clinical Technology Transfer specialist, 2014

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Medium companies

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Berkeley Wodehouse Associates

(now part of the Lighthouse Group)

The overview

BWA was a medium-sized IFA practice looking to expand its presence and become a national IFA network. As experienced financial services recruiters we were approached by the director of compliance and business services to help recruit suitable staff for the company. Here we worked to pressurised targets and deadlines which took significant workloads off the small head office team.

Assignments undertaken

In little over a year we placed more than 30 IFAs from Devon to Aberdeen, plus two of their regional field compliance managers. This involved extensive headhunting and networking, and being flexible to the company’s growth plans.

Because of our close working relationship with the recruitment director we were trusted with most of the recruitment processes, including advertising in the national financial publications.


For a company looking to make its presence known, we significantly helped them on their way by placing over 20% of their national sales team.

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Open Doors UK

The overview

Open Doors UK is the UK office of a charity serving the persecuted church worldwide, and we were approached by the CEO to be involved in the ongoing management and development of their management team as a Thomas practitioner.

Assignments undertaken

As part of a company-wide appraisal initiative, we conducted a full company assessment of all 40 staff. This project proved invaluable to the charity, giving an overall assessment of the skills and nature of the staff across all levels. Feedback helped to influence decisions on the composition of various teams and on subsequent new additions to the SMT, whilst at the same time helping to pinpoint training needs across the company.

We were subsequently invited to work with the new head of human resources in preparation for the corporate initiative ‘The Open Doors Journey Towards 2012’, which involved giving joint presentations and chairing breakout sessions across the company in order to manage and cope with the forthcoming changes.

In 2011 we were called in to assist in some inter-departmental restructuring by conducting in-depth interviews with staff in order to fully integrate the department, whilst at the same time the company implemented new IT hardware and software. Working with an IT specialist we worked on the overall IT and HR implications resulting in a detailed proposition being presented to the CEO and Directorate. With the subsequent move to a larger site this plan was then successfully implemented.


It was a pleasure to work with this hard-working and dedicated charity and to know that we helped them in some way to bring clarity and structure to their inspiring organisation.
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